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First Aid Kit
Product Information:

This item number has changed to 400.  Item 400 is a little smaller than the item 226. Item 400 size is 4” X 2-1/2” and the old item 226 was 4-1/4” x 3-3/16.” 

The conversion item contains 3 bandages, 1 alcohol pad, and 1 benzalkonium pad.  The old DLX item contained 4 bandages, 2 alcohol pad, and 2 antiseptic towelettes. Contact customer service if you would like to add more first aid items to our stock item # 400.

TEK (translucent vinyl) order item 400TEK

Click below to be directed to the conversion item.

Please note:  The vinyl colors might be a shade or two different than the DLX item.  We recommend getting a sample of this item before placing your order.

# Making changes for the better at Royal. #
  • Includes four 3/4" x 3" bandages, 2 antiseptic towlettes and 2 alcohol pads
  • Two clear interior pockets
  • USA Made
  • Union bug available
Colors:   01 -Red-Standard Vinyl color-Red, 02 -Navy-Standard Vinyl Color-Navy Blue, 03 -Green-Standard Vinyl Color-Green, 04 -Black-Standard Vinyl Color-Black, 05 -Brown-Standard Vinyl Color-Brown, 06 -Maroon-Standard Vinyl Color-Maroon, 07 -Grey-Standard Vinyl Color-Grey, 08 -White-Standard Vinyl Color-White, 12 -Yellow-Standard Vinyl Color-Yellow, 13 -Bone-Standard Vinyl Color-Bone, 14 -Royal Blue-Standard Vinyl Color-Royal Blue, 15 -Teal-Standard Vinyl Color-Teal, 20 -Baby Pink-Standard Vinyl Color-Baby Pink
4 1/4"(W) X  6 3/8"(H)
Weight: 0 Lbs / 0 Per Box
Box Size:
Imprint Information:
Imprint Size: "(W) X "(H)
Imprint Location:   Standard is outside front cover centered printed horizontally when opened like a check book cover (top to bottom).
Imprint Color:  

We have over 60 foil colors available for your hot-stamped imprint. Gold and Silver are the most popular and recommended colors. Please note that we are limited to the available industry foils and cannot match a PMS color via the hot stamping method. We will however try to match your color as close as possible from our large stock.  

Quantity 100 250 500 1000
Catalog Price((3AC))2.091.941.871.23
Price Code: (A)
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#226 First Aid Kit
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First Aid Kit
As low as $1.23
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